Today getting jobs has become very difficult due to various reasons. Hence an organized job search is required in order to get a job that suits your expectation. Technology gives a helping hand in this situation. Here we shall discuss some tips and steps that can help you in planning a proper job search. Initial step would be deciding the type of job whether it is part time job or full time job according to which the search can be planned. Enroll your details in the reputed job and company web sites keep track about the process.

Note all the agencies and web sites in which you have enrolled your details. So that there will be no confusion in contacting and gathering news from them. You can also know the progress of your application. Have a positive approach and have an open mind while attending job interviews. Order your tasks and make a proper to do list so that as soon as the work is completed you can check it and move on to the next as scheduled without any confusion. If you plan all your works and follow them properly then no one can stop you from reaching the goal.

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  1. I have just completed my graduation and in the verge of starting my job search and this article have given lot of ideas that will help me to plan and make progress in the same.

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