Copy writing is one the jobs that has good opportunity for development. In order to select a writer it is important to have a look at his portfolio as it will showcase his talent. Hence the contents in the portfolio should be his best work. Usually a start up writer will not have any published writing of his own. For this purpose SPEC ADS are used. SPEC ADS are nothing but a rewritten content of published article in the newspaper or news letter in the writers own style. It helps the recruiter to value the writer’s talent. The writings in the portfolio should be categorized properly so that the writer’s strong point and weakness shall be known easily.

Think something interesting and out of the box so that people seeing your work shall be attracted immediately. Avoid more complex or confusing works. Try highlighting the needs of the company in your sample work itself. This impresses your recruiter. Never give the original copy of your portfolio to anyone as it shall be faked easily. The credits of your work shall be stolen by anyone easily. Hence one has to careful about his works. Copy writing is a kind of work that allows great development in the creativity of the person.

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  1. As I am a person with innovative thoughts and interest in writing this is a kind of job I was search for. Thank you so much for this article as it added more knowledge about this field of copy writing.

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