Job search is a work where there should be no room for mistakes. Most of them try to avoid mistakes in resumes instead of concentrating more on their technical skills. Resume is just a medium used to showcase the specialty in you. A job search should be completed within 3 – 5 months. If you submit your resumes in five offices for job in average then you have to be selected at least in one of them for interview. And if you attend ten interviews then minimum you should get one conformed job offer. Of course it will be your decision to accept the offer or not. If you are at this level then sure you are in the right track.

Analyze how many job calls you are getting in a week or month. If you get considerable amount of calls then there is no problem if you are getting very few offers then you have not registered in enough amount of agencies or websites or restrict your search geographically or any other feature. Keep evaluating the call letters if they are not related to your choice then registrations might be wrong. Make sure your details in resumes and applications are given right. Do not restrict yourself with many conditions open up and try using all the possible opportunities that comes to you.

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  1. This article has pointed out many mistakes done by me that have to be rectified immediately in order to get more job calls. It has also given some ideas to improve my job offers

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